Rubber industry knowledge

- Apr 11, 2018-

Natural rubber  NR
(Natural Rubber) made from latex Rubber acquisition, is a polymer of isoprene. Has the very good wear resistance, high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation. Easy ageing, the air is heated become sticky, easy expansion and dissolved in mineral oil or gasoline, and alkali resistant, but not resistant to strong acid. Advantages: good elasticity, resistance to acid and alkali.Disadvantages: no weather resistance, no oil resistant (resistant to vegetable oil) is a raw material for making tape, rubber hose, rubber shoes and is suitable for the production suspension parts, in the car brake oil, such as ethanol with hydroxy liquid used in the products.

Styrene butadiene rubber SBR
(Styrene Butadiene Copolymer) of Butadiene and Styrene polymers, compared with natural rubber, uniform quality, less foreign body, has better wear resistance and aging resistance, but the mechanical strength is weak, can be used mixed with natural rubber.Advantages: low cost of oil resistance materials, good water resistance, hardness below 70 good elasticity, high hardness, poor compressibility, when faults: not recommended acid, ozone, oils, ester oil and fat, and most of the hydrocarbons.Widely used in tyre industry, footwear, 

Butyl rubber
(Butyl Rubber) for isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene polymerization, methyl by three-dimensional obstacles molecular motion less than other polymers, permeability is less, so the gas to heat, sunlight, ozone resistance, good electrical insulation;Resistance to polarity fluxing agent, general use for - 54-110 ℃ temperature range. Advantages: for most of the general gas impermeability, good resistance to sunlight and odor can be exposed to animal or vegetable oils or gasification of chemicals.Disadvantage: it is not recommended to oil solvent, glue kerosene and aromatic hydrogen used at the same time For car tyre inner tubes, window frame, rubber, leather, rubber paste paper, steam hose, heat resistant conveyor belt, etc.

(Nitrile Rubber), composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene copolymerization acrylonitrile content by 18% ~ 18%, the higher the acrylonitrile content, the petrochemical oil hydrocarbon fuel oil resistance of the better, but the low temperature performance is poor, the general use temperature range is 25 ~ 100 ℃.Nitrile butadiene rubber for the oil seal and one of the most commonly used rubber o-rings Advantages: good oil resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to high pressure oil properties



EPDM (Ethylene propylene Rubber) composed of Ethylene and propylene copolymerization, so heat resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, stability are all very good, but can't sulfur to sulfur. In order to solve this problem, in the main chain of the EP import a small amount of sulfur has a double chain of the third component and additive in EPDM, generally use temperature is - 50 ~ 150 ℃. The polarity solvent such as alcohol, ketone excellent resistance Advantages: good weathering resistance and ozone resistance, excellent water resistance and resistance to the word, can use ketones, alcohols and high-temperature steam, impermeability of gas well.Disadvantage: it is not recommended for food use or exposure to aromatic hydrogen.Seal of high temperature steam bath equipment seals or parts.The brake (braking) system of rubber parts.The seals in the radiator (auto radiator).


Fluorine rubber (Fluorocarbon) by fluoride monomer polymerization or polycondensation and get the molecular main chain or side chain of carbon atoms with fluorine atoms on the elasticity of the polymer.As used in the manufacture of fluorinated monomers, fluorine rubber has many varieties, types can be divided into and nitroso copolymer containing fluorine olefin copolymer.In particular, can be divided by chemical composition containing fluorine olefin by fluorine rubber, fluorinated silicone rubber, nitroso fluorine rubber, acrylate rubber fluoride, fluoride phosphate nitrile rubber, fluorinated ether rubber, etc.Fluorine rubber has a high temperature resistant, oil resistant and the characteristics of a variety of chemical erosion resistance, is a modern aircraft, missile, rocket and space navigation and so on advanced science technology indispensable materials.As the automotive industry and continuous increase of requirements for reliability, security and so on,.