Jingdong Rubber

Welcome to JINGDONG RUBBER! JINGDONG RUBBER was founded in Hebei China in 1985. We specialize in manufacturing and providing a broad range of rubber products including industrial rubber sheets, commercial rubber flooring and agricultural rubber mats. With over 32 years of experience and the production capacity up to 150 tons per day, JINGDONG RUBBER has grown to become one of the largest manufactures and the leader in rubber sheets industry. JINGDONG CS RUBBER was founded in

Hot Products

    • Skirt Board Rubber

      Skirt Board Rubber

      Skirt Board Rubber sheets are very essential to improve conveyor belt performance. It is used to reduce belt slippage, improve tracking and extend life of belt, bearing and other components. With features like good resistant to abrasion, cut, wear skirt board rubber is designed to resist heavy impact at loading areas.

    • EVA Cow Stable Mat

      EVA Cow Stable Mat

      EVA Cow Stable Mat is a soft mat, with anti-slip surface for two sides to prevent animal getting injury from slipping. It can reduce stress from livestock and increases comfort for them